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- Jae-Cheon Ryu
033 - 461 - 1564

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We are pleased to introduce "the Gift from the Heaven, fermented enzyme solution - Hyosim, Sukchwi the End, and Hyogamanjeom."

These products have been produced with the secret method that are handed down from our ancestors in Inje-gun. These have been made with devotion and pure natural bedrock water from 130m underground.

They are produced and distributed to customers, after going through thorough hygiene control system of Inje-gun. The fermented enzyme solution will bring vitality and life to you.

We pledge to try our best in order to become a guard in support of your health by collecting fine quality native plants and maturing them with devotion. 

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Hyogamanjeom - Overcome your lassitude and fulfill energy

MainHangover Remover Ingredients of "Sukchwi the End"

Hyosim: Fermented Enzyme Solution